Silicon case for Liberty Air 2

Hello folks, I got a new Liberty Air 2 and I want to carry them in a easier way. Any suggestion for a silicon case? I tried to look on internet, azon, eBay, etc, but no results .

As of now I haven’t been able to find a silicone case for them. I had a silicone case for the liberty air 1s that I liked made by woocon.

How that look like? can you post a picture?

I haven’t seen any yet. I know several of their other True Wireless Earbuds have cases but they are about 6 months old or older. I think there will be options in a few more months.

Don’t have a picture but here’s a link to the amazon page.

I checked the dimensions and it looks bigger hat the Liberty Air 2 house!

It is since the first liberty air is a little bit bigger.

I saw that earlier but it was for p2, I think.

I am not sure that the earbud case needs its own separate case, but to each their own…