Silverstein new album - MISERY MADE ME

For all of you angsty music fans, Windsor’s own post-hardcore rock band SILVERSTEIN released their 10th (!!) studio album, Misery Made Me. Silverstein sound familiar? You may have heard their top hits such as ‘My Heroine’ (2005) and Massachusetts (2013).

Check out their latest single ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ -

They head out on tour with The Amity Affliction this fall.

Rock on!! :metal:t2:

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Appreciate the share…will have to check them out here soon

This was pretty good. Thanks for sharing. Added “Misery Made Me” to my playlist and will listen to it in full tomorrow.

Well… I tried. I got to about the 4th track in, and had to give up. Some superb tunes, just spoiled by the overly forced and completely unnecessary shouting.