Simply Amazing Quality

I previously purchased a different set of ear buds, and they were horrible for music. Audiobooks, sure. Sent them back.

A friend recommended the Liberty Neo, and I could not be happier. Sound canceling, incredible sound with bass that is a must have for me, and it’s not bulky. Once they were charged, I put on a song that had multiple levels of vocals and bass. Boom. I was so happy with these. I came from Beats Studio headphone. While they’re on different levels, these are great for on the go.

There’s multiple sizes for the rubber gels, and once you have those set for your individualized comfort, they’re incredible. I feel no discomfort and I look for any excuse to play these. I never even needed to use the included exterior wings.

There are other more expensive models, but for the price, and the quality, you can’t go wrong. Only a true audioohile would pay for the pricier models. Give them a shot, be flexible you learn the application of the earbuds, and if you need the additional wings for a customized fit, their all included. I seriously doubt you’d be disappointed.

All I can say is, I love them and thank you.


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They don’t have noise cancelling, but I’m glad you love them!

Would you mind sharing some photos as well? They really help complete the review :wink:

While correct they dont have noise cancelling, it does have passive noise canceling as with any earbud that you get a good seal on will tend to block out outside noise.

While there isn’t a specific noise canceling built in to the earbuds, they do create it. If you’re playing the volume at a sufficient level, like I do, you don’t hear most anything around you.

I’m not a fan of the term “passive noise cancelling”. What it really is- is noise isolation -which is still amazing.

Yeah, that would be accurate. With the correct fit of the ear gels, it does isolate outside noise. To me, passive noise canceling sounds accurate, but I see your point.

Passive noise canceling is the correct term. It’s just I find the term to be misleading- just my opinion though.

I have the liberty air, and they have some of the beet noise isolation I have used…

The Neo’s are fantastic for the price.

Wrong. It’s only a rich audiophile that would pay for more expensive models. We go for a warm natural sound, with no hiss and just the sound of the music.

I was taught.many years ago… can’t afford the best set up… Source, amp, speakers, speaker stands. Get the best midi you can and the best quality HEADPHONES you can, and that’ll sound better than a good set.uo with cheap speakers.

That’s just not true. There are plenty of earbuds out there that have better sound than soundcore earbuds, and plenty that are worth the money.

Who you saying this to?

The person I replied to (you)

I didn’t mention soundcore.

I just said, if you can’t afford a good set up, get a good pair of headphones. Which I standby.

This is what I was referring to…

And where is soundcore mentioned?


It’s 1 am and you’re argumentative nature is boring. I won’t go to bed until you desist your pendanticness

great to hear you like them. Price points with Anker and the rest of the family is very competitive compared to the other brands

You quoted @EffMacblank3825 who was referring to soundcore- and comparing to “pricier models”

And that…is why I don’t stay in forums like this. When I give an opinion and then told I’m wrong…

There’s just no room for real opinions without an idiot who has to have a measuring contest instead of respecting that an opinion was given.