Skip / Rewind button and Game mode

Hi dear firends and technical engineer from Liberty

It will be super nice to have one more controls option for single/double tap and that is Skip or Rewind for 15 seconds. Why? This is great when we listen audio books or some music. We will be so happy to have it.

Also, We are missing Game mode. This earbuds missing this feature. We will really like to have it because, they are big delays when playing games.

We will be really happy to see this in next updates.

Thx a lot! :wink:


I would suggest to send your suggestion to customer support by email
And don’t forget whitch model you are talking about.


I agree with @VertigoXX. Your best bet is to send them an E-Mail.


I agree with the others. The best way to make suggestions is to contact support.

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Ahh, but you did put it in the right thread here. Now if a good idea, everybody should be smashin’ that heart button…

I’d think the skip rewind might be a software update perhaps :slightly_smiling_face:


They will mostly evaluate some aspect of it depending on current needs. The more people may give this feedback the more likely it may happen.