Slowness on Soundcore Collective!

Is it only me or everyone is facing it… Soundcore Collective is very slow, any search shows spinning wheel, any post reply takes around 8~10 seconds to save…

@Loz @Hannah can you guys please suggest!

I have the same issue… slow as molasses @loz @alicia.wu @Hannah


If I browse 2 or more links the page crashes

It seems the search tool has just been fixed.

Yeah, I haven’t been on all day, because I couldn’t get the page to load.

Search still crashes for me

Last night it was taking10 minutes to write a 2 minute response. Writing and slow preview screen…

Server problems.
These show up from time to time.
No its gone.
Was the same at the other forum.

I had that once or so. If I had been at work, I could have done a fiddler session for the page loading :slight_smile: