So far great reviews on Life Q30s

So far there have been great reviews on the Life Q30s. Although there has been two common issue. There are a couple of reviews saying that the speakers don’t get loud enough and there is a bit of latency that can be noticed.

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I can handle lack of loudness but latency may be an issue

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It is not an actual review, they just typed some opinion words having read the specs and not touched the product itself.


this seemed to be more of a post before they had the product of what the specs would be like the stuff found on the soundcore website.

That happens so often meanwhile, its a shame.
Only writing something using copy and past.

The whole internet is full of specialists and experts.

Knowing really nothing, but this a lot

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My Q30s came yesterday, and I haven’t noticed any latency issues on my laptop or iPad. My only complaint is that the buttons are small compared to other headphones I’ve had over the years, but I think that’s kind of nitpicking.


That’s a valid complaint for sure. Why go from good sized buttons to small ones when they were just fine on Life 2, Q10, and Q20. But enjoy your new pair!!

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Max loudness?

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Haven’t used the mics yet, so I can’t saying about those.

Volume doesn’t seem as loud as other headphones I’ve had (most recently Vortex & Q10). I generally listen at no more than 50% volume.

I don’t know if I’m being helpful at all, but listening at home at low to medium volume without taking/making phone calls with them doesn’t really take advantage of all of the Q30s features.