Some classical music?

It’s time to show our friends from the USA how a great European composer was fascinated by their country.

Antonin Dvorak!

Let’s listen to his famous symphony the “New World Symphony”
It was one of my most beloved pieces iof my youth, because its dynamic and easy to understand.
Now I am more with LvB. :laughing:

The Largo is a musical translation of the wide landscape there.

If someone likes listen only to this part.

Herbert von Karajan (RIP) is the conductor.


Thanks for sharing these. The Largo is a widely known piece and was used in an advert for Hovis bread here in the UK back in the 70s and was directed by Ridley Scott.

It was digitally restored and remastered in 2019 with the music re-recorded by the Ashington Colliery brass band.


Thanks for sharing. :+1:

PS Herbert von Karajan was one of the best. RIP

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There are many good conductors around today.
But you are right, Karajan (RIP) was more than excellent.
You was showing us Leonhard Bernstein (RIP) with his interpretation of Beethoven’s symphonies.
There is a recording from Deutsche Grammophon, all Beethoven’s symphonies
Herbert von Karajan and the Berliner Philharmoniker.
Its excellent.
I was gifted this from my mother (RIP) and care a lot about these Sampler.

Too many “(RIPs)” now.
Enjoy the Sunday.

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I have since got my hands on some Karajan, including Beethoven’s symphonies
with the Berliner Philharmoniker.

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Its always good listening to classical music.
I am familiar with classical and the popular music from the 70- ies.
So I am quasi bilinqual.:laughing: