Some issues with Motion Boom Plus

I’ve started using my new Motion Boom Plus to accompany the choirs I direct. The sound and power are perfect for the job, but there are a couple of issues…

I need an option to either disable the auto power off (or set a much longer one) - the current maximum of 20 minutes is much too short when I might use the speaker three times in a 2 hour rehearsal.

When using the Aux input, the volume always seems to reset to 0 - I think this is a bug, surely it should remember the last setting?

Overall I’m really pleased with the speaker, and will buy another if these issues are fixed. I’ve emailed support about this too.

While you wait for Soundcore to offer a fix you have to wait for, I’ll give you a possible fix today

If you own a Powercore which is at least 5V 3A USB output then the speaker may not power off.

If you own such, which you should anyway for power outages or travel longer off-grid adventures, then see if that works. If you don’t own then hopefully someone else reading this can test to find out.

Also what options does the app offer to increase auto off?

This speaker was given a small battery so not surprised it tried to keep a tight short auto off.

I’m somewhat surprised you can’t increase the Auto-Poweroff to more than 20 minutes. I would think it would start at that. Unfortunately I don’t have that speaker to test. I do have the Motion Booms and I don’t recall ever having that issue.
You could always try contacting (calling) Customer and asking them.