Somebody is watching me

CNET has released another report on how Google is scanning your face and up to no good again.

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Argh. Google is just pure evil.

I’ve had times where I was talking about something I never do (last time was sunglasses) with some coworkers only to open up a browser, turn off ad block and saw ads for sunglasses immediately. Only thing that was near me was my phone, which is tied to my Google account, which is tied to my chrome. Kinda irked me that it was using my normal conversation to pull an ad against me.

Yep, had it happen as well. Especially around Alexa

My boss was showing me his Nest front door camera this afternoon and how it was asking him if he recognized the person at the door. It had taken 8 pictures at different angles of the person and after he said yes, they were part of the recognized people now. Funny thing is, Nest is owned by Google, so it is just building up the database more and more.

My brother showed me a YouTube video on his phone, not mine, and when I went to back to YouTube later on my phone the video was in my watched history. Many more things like that have happened as well, not just that one.

Yeah, YouTube suggested videos syncs across WiFi. I think it has to do with the cookies being gathered.

Super annoying

My brother used his personal internet, and hours later I used mine. We don’t even use the same service carrier.

You weren’t on WiFi?

Are you on the same account?

No we were not, completely different accounts.

That’s weird. I don’t know what to say about that…

The fun part is that when I stopped my Google assistant things like that happened a lot less, it didn’t stop entirely, but the frequency of it happening did go down.

I dont know if I would call then evil as much as I would say everyone is doing this and google is just the one who got caught this go. All records of just about evrything is stored anymore. Givernment wiretapping is everywhere, big business taps anyway they can for advertsising and data collection, so on and so forth. There is no such thing as privacy anymore really, sadly…

You can’t say that one person isn’t bad, just because everyone else is also bad.

Only way to avoiduch of the by usi g a VPN and a damned good anti mal/virus protection.

You can set to delete cookies as soon as you leave, you can get them camera blocks, cover the mic .

However, if you want your doorbell to remember faces, or assistant to order takeaway or play a track, or voice type n send a text… So your not “using” your phone while you drive… If you want want want, them there’s a price to pay

I didnt say that, I said I cant call them evil because everyone else is doing it. The way the tech world works changed years ago by the government and facebook. Now its normal. I know it sounds terrible to say it this way, but by using their “free” product you open the door to let them do whats necessary to keep it free.

You are wrong. What they do is not okay. It could be find, but they have to be honest about everything. They pretend that they don’t do things, that they clearly do. All they need, is to be honest about what they do. Then everything would be fine.

TechMan, I think we have a small disconnect here. Google isnt “caught” doing anything. They disclosed their plans and everyone got mad ahead of time (because they looked further ahead at what could be done). This is a far cry different from facebook that sells off your information to a british company then tries to tell you they did nothing wrong. The article never says they didnt disclose anything, it implied a potential is present.

Opinions people… That’s all this is!