Someone is pretending to be Soundcore on Facebook

Someone is using Soundcores recent promotion to try and scam people saying they won in Facebook. Please do not add them as a friend, do not click any links and most of all Do not send them any money. Please report them to Facebook, the more people we get to report them the faster they will be removed

Here is another one @sean.L


Very nice @Tank

Thanks, I have contacted Facebook now.


Thanks for sharing @Tank

There’s lots of them


Yeah, not to mention 0 feedback sellers on Aliexpress…

The fakers and scammers are getting out of hand… :roll_eyes: I think there should be some kind of required verification that you are the company you say you are. That sort of thing isn’t really pushed for by social media companies though as it’s too much trouble.

You can choose Anker Official Store on Aliexpress. Works 100%

Of course. I just noticed that there are a bunch of fake sellers there; seen one selling Q30s for 170 eur, lol…

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I had to direct my wife’s brother in law to unlike this one and to go like the real one. :smile:

No “fuselbook”, so no friends there! :rofl:

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Just got friend request from Soundtcore :rofl:

Oh wow everyone just wants to be Soundcore

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My solution is to not use Facebook. Nor Twitter

No lies then :wink:

Open browser, go to , find something to buy. Buy there or Amazon. Ensure is a free return. Works.

Spend the time saved not using Facebook and Twitter to learn a skill, cooking, musical instrument, new language, science, history. In history, you will learn that lies are more common than truth as its unburdened from having to verify itself from independent sources, so assume nothing is true until it consistently comes from independent sources.


Good find detective

Alternatively, drop off of facebook entirely and let them sort out their own problems, maybe probably eventually. But it is a mess for sure.


True, that’s part of why I don’t bother with a lot of social networks any more. None have a stellar record in a lot of areas that they should when it comes to people’s data and what content is on there etc.


I think that is the one I just got last night. He is making the rounds.

I am not in social networks, but sometimes I need to use them.

I can understand that. Fortunately not as much of an issue in my case, hopefully they aren’t too negative for you.