Something wrong with connection

Everything seems to be OK, but one day my left earphone stopped working. It still can connect to my devices, but it makes no sound, then I tried to connect only my left earphone and noticed, that sound comes from the right one. So, doesn’t matter which earphone I connect, sound comes only from the right one. If someone faced the same problem, help me with solving it (and yeah, of course I reset them already, that doesn’t works)

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I do not have but I would say to reset them to see if that helps. I know some earbuds allow for each but do not know if these do. Based on other earbuds, a lot will have the rt as the main n left will sync with the rt.

Since you have tried a few things, you probably need to contact for assistance.

I wonder if the left earbud battery is flat? I.e. no charge.

Can you advise if the contacts on the left side are clean, and the pins are clean and free to move? If you put the right one in the case, close the lid what do you see on the Bluetooth menu on your device?

If you do a delete pairing on all devices and pair to just the left, does the sound work? Are you able to see battery level of just the left?

Oh, and which earbuds are we trying to trouble shoot🤔

All else fails, you’ll have good doco to submit for service to address.

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