Souncore Flare+ firmware update

Just got my Anker soundcore Flare+ and it is a nightmare
Took me ages to get my Android phone to pair with it
Now I am unable to update the firmware not through the app and not through PC.
On the APP, it gets stuck on installing… 0%
On PC it says that the firmware file is incompatible

I am not used to be so disappointed from Anker products. This is frustrating.
I’d appreciate your support.

The sticker on the box says A3162011 AC9
If you need further details, let me know


Looks like a foulty item. I suggest to contanct customer service by email
They are good in solving problems.

Although I do not have a flare plus I do know that sometimes the updates can be affected by other components than just flare.

I live in an area where some areas lack consistent good internet.

I live in a good area but my old internet provider sucked meaning I could not get a 1 meg file to download onto a leapster device. Once I changed internet providers that 1 meg file downloaded in seconds.

So if you think there is a potential issue like that try to keep both device close to the wifi… or try at a different location. If a different location worked, you may want to check your internet connections

Please note that the latest firmware version of the Flare+ speaker is Ver046 and if your speaker doesn’t have the disconnecting issues, you don’t need to update the firmware and it won’t affect the performance of this speaker. Regarding the pairing issue, please try holding the Bluetooth and Volume+ buttons for 8S to restore factory resetting. And your speaker will automatically power off if it resets successfully.

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i have the exact problem of being unable to udate, did you fix your problem