Sound breaks while using Soundcore Life Q20 in Bluetooth mode

Sound breaks sometimes when using the device in the Bluetooth mode. I guess it’s not a permanent issue. But the issue still persists while listening to music / playing movies. Can anyone help?

You have to tell much more about.
What device, what bt version and so on. :grinning:

I’m using Redmi 4 ( Android, Bluetooth Version 4.1) and Life Q20 is Bluetooth 5.0
I’ve used the headphone when the mobile is much closer to me

If using another device (other OS) dis there the same issue with the latency?

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I’d clean the electronic environment.

If WiFi is involved then make sure your WiFi is 5Ghz as much as possible. Ensure router has different 5Ghz SSID and every device which sees that then forget the 2.4Ghz SSID.

Use the least amount of Bluetooth, turn off as many things possible.

Ensure your headphones are only paired to the one phone,. not paired with anything else.

Your phone’s Bluetooth version is very old 4.1 is from 9 years ago.

Try to lower your bitrate, look in Developer mode Bluetooth settings try to use lower bitrate codecs, there’s will be codecs in common phone and headphones share look as what you can use and try selecting a lower bitrate if you can.

Example of the cause of the problems is your phone has one shared antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth and if they both 2.4GHz you get half the performance, if the Q20 supported higher bitrate codecs then that exceeds your phone’s performance. So in this example either moving WiFi to 5Ghz or using a lower bitrate codec would fix.

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The issue is fixed when connected to a new device. I was testing the headphone using an old device which have Bluetooth 4.1. Thank you for your time :raised_hands:

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The issue is not particularly due to BT 4.1 Vs 5 for this type of product. It is more likely due to a faster CPU of a newer phone.

Soundcore does often come under unfair criticism here as the newer Soundcore product moves the bottleneck into the thing they are connected to.

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