Sound core mini 3 frequently stops

Sound core mini 3 frequently stops playing. Bluetooth connection will be there but it pauses the music and I have to press go in my music player again to continue
Any suggestions


Remove as much interference you can.

Ensure it is only paired with one device is the primary solution.

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Reset, delete from all devices paired with.
Then connect to only one.
(Does this happen when located very near to the bt device?)

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Yes it’s happening when it’s near to bt device.
Will test again by connecting to only one device but then we are losing this functionality of multi device connection

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I would check if there are any updates available for music player as well.

I didn’t think the Soundcore mini 3 had multi point. I would suspect that may be causing the troubles.

Only other thing I could think of, would be if the battery is in need of charge.

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If there is no multi-connection, this is the reason of course.

Multi is there and it works. Might be the issue when multiple connections are there

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Sorry to hear you are having these issues. I haven’t had this issue with mine — yet. Hoping it stays that way.

I have the Mini 3 and I really don’t think it supports Multi-Point (99.9% sure). I would definitely say that’s your problem!

Even if a product supports Multipoint, multiple connections can cause unreliability as Soundcore don’t run concurrent different Bluetooth versions, so say a laptop can connect and “steal” the connection at a different version and so cause the drops.

Don’t blame Soundcore, it’s just an issue of complex systems.

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I actually had issue with my air 2 pro. I was trying to be to quick with connection and was nullifying the pairing

Check other devices and it potential to be anything. Eliminate one thing as you check it oit.

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Thanks for all your time and suggestions. To conclude, it might be issue when multiple connections are there. Will post again after some time experimenting with different scenarios.