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How to connect both earbuds with different devices at a time … or I can use it separately when both are away from each other…

I think you can only pair them together

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I think you can but it then involves a full reset to make then work properly together.

Try this:

  • have nothing paired to begin with.
  • take out Right ear bud only
  • pair with device 1 , do NOT accept it pairing with the L bud.
  • disable device 1 bluetooth
  • put right bud back in case
  • take out left ear bud only
  • pair with device 2, ignore its request to pair with L bud.

See if that works.

Some buds let you get away with it, some don’t.

You’ll almost certainly have to delete pairings and reset buds to make work as intended.

I remember seeing some success stories but not sure which bud it was…


If you find something that works, like @The_Professor suggests, please let us know :thinking:?

It should be possible if the right is used. I know some of the ones I have do work independent, but the right functions as the primary if both are pulled out of the case.

In pairing should should see a Note L or similar for the single left earbud.

A very interesting way :clap:.

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