Sound Core Rave Neo wont turn off and volume button are not working light button is also not functioning can only be controlled through mobile application

I bought the soundcore rave neo and it was totally working fine, all of a sudden after a the firmware update 01.46 it is having issues in turning on, even if i turn off the speaker soon after it turns off, power led and the bluetooth led lights up.

the volume up + volume down + bass + lights + in the device is no longer functioning if operated from the speaker.

even to turn on or turn off i have to press the power button for lengthy duration than the manual has been documented.

i can only control the device from mobile application.

I really loved this device and the product but with these issues in short term i’m really loosing the interest for the device i really had a good time and memories with. I really appreciate if you guys can help me with this.

Thanks Avishka.

Normally I would suggest you reset the speaker but since I don’t have it or the manual I don’t know the button sequence that you need to follow. On top of that since you say the buttons aren’t working, I’m not sure that would be helpful anyway.

Instead I recommend you contact Customer Support:


Thank you Steve , since the volume + button is not functioning i think that it doesn’t enable the device to reset like you said correctly.

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Yeah service department is probably the best. If it has a reset, I would try that at least as to help speed up the process for an exchange…

Is it under warranty?
if so contact the support.
If not I would try contact spray.