Sound core spirit dot 2 pairing error

I bought a spirit dot 2 yesterday. On yesterday, It worked, so I was satisfied it. But today, I can hear on the right side only. I can hear ‘woman’s voice’ on my left side, but that’s all. I already checked the battery, and reset my stuff more than 10 times (I checked 3~4 times red led flash blink). Somebody can help me?


I would try a reset of the earbuds.
Then deleting these from the bt list of you device and connect these again.
This could help.


Wondering if you had charged them to full when you got them? Could be they are / weren’t charged up.

What does the case show for lights / power? Maybe advise on your device you are paired with?

As @Chiquinho suggested do a reset and re-pair. Maybe will also need to try a hard reset?

Also, did you have them pair with a second device?


Agree on previously stated.
If nothing hepls you should contact customer support by email

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I want to ask about ‘pair with a second device’, already check my device’s battery, and reset it also.


Quite often when using earbuds, we pair / connect to multiple devices (not at the same time). If you have connected yours to a phone, tablet, computer or other Bluetooth devices, perhaps one of the earbuds has that second device as primary.

So when you go back to, say your phone, if the one earbud is good, it could be the other is still connected to the second device.

This is why a reset will help, as well as removing all Bluetooth from any devices.

Have you paired your earbuds with only your phone, or did you connect to something else too?


I was also able to find an online copy of the manual here…

Page 4 goes through manual pairing, and turning them on / off.

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I would follow what is stated and eventually it should work. I have them and do like them to do work in but find the touch control and connections can get tricky at time

With that said and a potential sorry if I am wrong, I think you may be part of the bot system that seems to be on the community for several months.

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