Sound not coming through otherwise "working" fully charged ear buds. Help

Last night they worked, today no.
I’ve reset everything a number of times, both earbuds are indicating that they’re turning on and are fully charged, even my phone is indicating that it’s playing through the LP2 earbuds, but there’s no sound. Really frustrating me. I don’t know what to do next. Please help.


Eliminate the cause.

Turn your phone Bluetooth off, buds in case, wait, out of case they’ll get into pairing mode. Then pair with a different phone. See if that works. If it does then it’s something in your phone to focus on like pairing settings not enabled media or a volume setting. If another phone fails then you’ve proved the buds are probably broken although both buds quiet is a rarer failure than just one bud dead.

If broken then you may need to contact for additional help

I have been having the same issue with my earbuds. I can usually fix it by re-pairing the earbuds, or sometimes just putting them into the case and taking them out again. Gets a bit frustrating – sometimes it will happen in the middle of listening to something.

One reason could be that another paired device comes along and hijacks the connection, so I’ve tried to ‘forget’ the earbuds from all but my phone. Still, I would expect that this shouldn’t happen – at very least, the phone should know that the audio is no longer being played.