Soundbuds Slim Discontinued?

Hello! I am coming to you all with hope, but not much. My Soundbuds Slim in-ear bluetooth headphones are finally giving out. I’ve tried other models (soundbuds flow), and they really don’t compare. My question is: Are they discontinued/Does Soundcore have anymore wired-bluetooth headphones (other than the “flow” ? I’m so hesitant to go for non-wired ear buds, as I work in an elementary school where things get lost and broken so frequently, it’d be a silly investment in my opinion, but I am open to suggestions from anyone who knows of a comparable product as far as sound/distance quality goes.


Good question.
May be you find such ones second hands.
I understand you, about losing one of the buds.
When I look at the German amazon there are only one wired ones offered.

Depending on where you are I think there is the spirit and the spirit2 as well as the spirit x which are the ones that hook around the ear

I know of the spirit X should still be around as I think they did an updated version about in 2019. I also know they have the soundcore arc. Both of those hook on the ears.

With some of the newer version you can probably find some great deals on wireless that should be at a decent price. You have p2 that should be good. Some of the Liberty 2 are both going under 50.

[US] Soundcore Liberty 2 $49.99 - DEALS&STEALS - Soundcore Collective

Also the Liberty Neo should be also be under 50.

You can also stay on the community and do some comments and gain a few points and get points for coupons, use giveaway tickets to try to win or join in some of their contest as well.