Soundbuds slim+ issue

Hello. I have a pair of slim+ and I have a problem. The cover of the charging port won’t stay closed anymore. It keeps popping out which means that they’re not water resistant anymore. Anyone else have the same issue?
Can I do something about it?

Technically - Soundbuds Slim+ is an Anker Product (not Soundcore) Though I hate to mention, this should be posted on Anker Community

You can try reaching out to if you have the product still within the warranty period.

IMHO (i could be wrong) I think it’s fine. It’s an “anker sound product”.

@iuliu.herman I think the issue is that the cap is worn down. After popping it in and out too many times, the plastic begins to wear down, and it will no longer stay shut.

As long as it’s still under warranty, this is a quality defect and anker support should help you out! Contact them at

They have an excellent support team and they are always willing to help out!

Good luck getting it fixed!

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I agree with @TechMan, its a soundcore system at heart. As for the port cover, it does sound like wear and tear. If under warranty you should be fine, if not you may be able to “wrap” or plug the port in the even you will need the waterproof feature, or you could retire it to a dry day system and find a newer style.