Soundcore 2 vs.TV

So, I ‘AUX’s’ my Soundcore 2 (12-watt) to my Honeywell TV…(this television was ‘designed’ before manufacturers agreed on a universal Remote code system, so once the ‘Remote’ dies, it likely is done anyway, but it is a ‘solid’ remote).

Huge improvement, in sound quality!.

I found my ‘Volume Level’ (TV), is cut in half… normally 25-35-40%…I am at like 17-23%…and, I got to about 20 hrs, before charge light turned Flashing Red/(10% ?)…but it ‘may’ have been ‘on’ longer (22 hrs.?), … .I think it acts very differently in Aux mode…but not in a bad way.

I cranked up my TV-remote, to 50%…waaay too loud for a 12x15’ room…but it (SC2) held it’s own.

As an aside, I Aux’d my Motion+ too, and honestly…it was ‘clear’, I need to augment the equalizer, or use a preset…overkill, in a word.