Soundcore 3 -a godd partycast speaker

As my son’s condition to sound have changed so has my attainment of a few speaker. I only sit at 4 right now with 2 soundcore 3, Flare 2 and another brand speaker. I will say I may a novelty speaker but I do not count that one.

Overall, I think the speaker is pretty good.

I will mostly us them in partycast mode as I find that is where the best quality of sound comes from. I will set them on either side of me. I feel that if I set it up just right the music sounds like it is in front of me.

I have even pair them with the Flare 2 in partycast mode and played them during his graduation. All three together worked pretty well with the Flare 2 in the middle of course.

The soundcore 3 has 3 presets and custom EQ. I tried a few switches but stay with the soundcore setting most times.

I think it sounds decent but with bass up, I believe there is no way to turn that off. I think it would be cool with any bass up technology that they should give you like 3 modes. Bass up, no bass up, and 1/2 bass up. I believe a lot of folks do like it but other may not want to have it as thumpy as others. So a 1/2 bass up would be cool to see.

I think when it is one speaker it does sound decent but it is probably cause I have not messed with the EQ as much but I do feel that this speaker is way better with 2 or more.

With the 24 hour battery life, I could easily take this to work and not have to charge it but once a week if I listened to it in between meetings and breaks.

Is it worth picking up? Yes but I feel that two or more would make it sound twice as good.

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