Soundcore 3 pairing

Just checking, a Souncore 3 will pair with a Flare 2, correct?.

Flare 2 has partycast.

Soundcore 3 has partycast.

So yes they should be able to pair.

It may be fiddly and may find it easier to make one of them master, other slave.

Remember Partycast is shared mono. Not stereo.

You’d begin with pairing each, perform any firmware updates, then forget, so finish with neither paired.

Then pair with one of them and follow the master instructions, then try to make the other the slave. It usually takes a few attempts. If can’t then forget the 1st, pair with 2nd and make the 2nd master and 1st slave.

You may find latency is better in some combination of which is master. So once you do get it working do some tests before you swap which is master.

The manuals often leave a lot to be desired you may need to search for help.

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Thank you for those detailed suggestions.


I have both

I will say I can get them paired but find it is a little harder than normal.


Did you find a most reliable method you documented?

I have two Mini 3 (Partycast) and in the end a random pressing of buttons til it worked then I left alone.