Soundcore | a dbrand Collaboration

I would really like some dbrand skins for my soundcore products. Imagine being able to deck out your TWS and case with some awesome custom skins? Doesn’t it sound (pun intended) great!?

The galaxy buds already have a collaboration with dbrand, so this is similar to what soundcore buds would work with.

Airpods also has skins with dbrand which might give you a better idea of what the liberty air series might look like with a skin.

What do you all think of the idea?

  • Soundcore should collaborate with dbrand.
  • I don’t want my soundcore products in anyway affiliated with dbrand skins!

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Soundcore team, what do you think of the idea?

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I’ll go for the third option, not fussed either way :grin:

You ruined my perfect poll :joy:. So far everyone has voted for dbrand skins :joy:. Come to think of it, only I had voted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From whatever I have seen so far mostly for Liberty 2 Pro case, I think it looks really neat and stylish. Would not want any kind of skins on it.

May be for the other products such as Neo, Liberty Air, the skins may look good, and might be a good idea there.

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Screw brand and their overpriced skins , I’ll stick to just the case


:grimacing: y’all really hate dbrand :joy:

skin ruins everything, weirdest worst idea i have ever heard. keep them simple and neat

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Never would use such nonsense!

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I’m positive this isn’t the worst idea you’ve ever heard :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You naming yourself tech man was the weirdest thing I came across this year

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I do consider myself to be a weird guy

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I wrote a email to dbrand because I also wanted some they replied „[…]there is simply not enough demand to justify adding it to our portfolio[…]“…

So I dont think we are getting some soon.

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That’s a shame. Hopefully there will be more demand in the future…


Hope so too

This was the best of the day Rob!
But a man is a MAN!

Or is “Betman” “batter” than our “Tachman” Andrew ! :smiley:

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