Soundcore A40 right earbuds battery drain faster then left

My Soundcore right earbud’s battery seem to drain faster then the left. Should I worry about it?
My setup:
iPhone 11 iOS 16.5
Firmware 3.19
Dual device connection off
ANC adaptive mode
Transparency vocal mode
Game mode off
Wind reduction off

It may be an issue and may not.

Some devices have it where both earbuds work independent ot where one earbud is the main over the other usually the rt one.

I think yours may be the second way and it is most likely not an issue. Unsure if you put the rt one in the case to charge for about 10 min if the left will become the main and will have it drain faster or when the rt comes out that it would return as the default main.

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I tend to agree with @Duane_Lester, but if you want further confirmation you can contact Support.

mine also right side drain fast after full charge and it will stay max 3hrs. Any way or support to fix this battery issue?

I think your case should send in for warranty.