Soundcore A40 will not play sounds when connected to a Mac computer

I have a pair of Space A40. when I connect it to both my phone and my Mac, they will not have any sound on the phone. it’s as if the Mac computer “catches” the sounds all the time, and does not allow the phone to do anything. I have to disconnect the headphones from the Mac to actually use it with the phone. this really makes all the dual connection unusable.
Any idea?

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same problem on Liberty 4 NC
even when nothing playing on MAC sound on phone refuse to work.
I was able to make sound work without unpairing MAC (SOMETIMES) by pausing and playing audio on phone 5 or 7 times quickly to make the earphones catch that I’m playing something on phone … this absolutely not a solution but maybe a hint for Soundcore team.
I hope this bug get fixed soon!

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That actually helps! I didn’t know that if I stop and play multiple times it might work! tried it today, and indeed it did the trick. that’s much easier than going to the soundcore app and disconnect the Mac

Any chance your using an iPhone as well?

Yes, I am using Mac + iPhone. why?

No idea? anyone?