Soundcore Amazon Deals (US)

I had a deals thread on Anker community for Soundcore products but was inactive for last few months and can’t edit it anymore. Since then this community was created so I’m creating this thread and will try my best to keep it updated as much as possible. At the bottom will be links for Anker, Roav, Nebula, and Eufy deals.

True-Wireless Earbuds

  1. Liberty Air 2 (Black & White) - $84.99 (after 15% discount coupon)

  2. Life P2 - $49.99 ($10 discount)

  3. Upgraded Liberty Neo (Black) - $35.99 (after 10% discount coupon)

  4. Liberty 2 Pro - $129.99 ($20 discount)

  5. Liberty 2 - $79.99 (after 20% discount coupon)

  6. Liberty Air - $48.99 (after 30% discount coupon)

Over-Ear Headphones

  1. Life Q20 Hybrid ANC - $39.99 ($20 discount)

  2. Life Q10 - $39.99 ($10 discount)


  1. [Upgraded] Anker Soundcore 2 - $37.99 (after $2 discount coupon)

  2. Anker Soundcore (Black) - $24.99 (after $3 discount coupon)

  3. Boost - $49.99 (after $10 discount coupon)

  4. Flare S+ - $79.99 (after $50 discount coupon)

  5. Flare Mini - $36.54 ($3.45 discount)

Eufy Deals
Anker Deals
Roav Deals
Nebula Deals

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Just updated deals. Better savings on Liberty and savings on Liberty Neo ends in about 9.5 hrs

Updated deals with new discount on Liberty Neo, Liberty Air 2, Life Q10 and Soundcore Pro+

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Updated the deals. Lighting deal on Liberty 2 for a little more time

Updated discount again. Not all the price updates are better so keep that in mind

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Really appreciate you keeping this updated!


I’m trying lol. Did take a few days off because of a test today and see I need to update the thread slightly again lol


Updated thread with the Liberty Air discount

Happy Fourth of July :slight_smile: just wanted to let you know that I bought two of the soundcore Motion Plus speakers from Anker Direct on eBay and they give you a 15% discount so that saved me thirty bucks. The only thing is it takes a couple weeks for them to be delivered I guess because they are coming from their manufacturing warehouse.

Happy 4th! Hope you enjoy your speaker!

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Appreciate the information, but I think it may be more trouble than it is worth to keep up with. The deals are usually short term and constantly changing.

It’s actually easy for Soundcore, Eufy, and Roav on Amazon but difficult for Anker because of number of products I have to look for. And yea I try to do it every other day or so for Anker especially. Either way, it’s kinda fun and I like it lol

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Updated deals with slight changes to the discounts

Updated deal of TWS earbuds. Liberty 2 is out of discounts and is replaced by Liberty Lite (#1 on the list). FYI I won’t be actively checking for deals for about a week or 2 because I have a term paper and final exams coming up. Trying to update all the threads today and might update next weekend again

Good luck with the term paper and finals and yeah don’t worry about updating or anything! School is definitely more important!

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Thanks! It’s next weeks that’s really hectic and then final week so not too long to go now

Updated the deals again after a while. Not too much of a change, just new products on sale and slight changes to discounts

Updated deals for today

No discount on Pro+ anymore. No change in other discounts. FYI the discount on Spirit X is fake

Screenshot from Soundcore website:

Screenshot from Amazon:

Fake discounts really annoy me and amazon seems to do that a lot which is annoying