Soundcore App connection issue with flare+

The Soundcore app won’t connect to my Flare+. Running on my iPad and iPhone and it won’t connect. Ideas?

Just to be sure, the Flare is connected to the Bluetooth before you are trying to connect it to the app

It’s connected and playing through the iPad just fine but, the app won’t connect. I’ve deleted it from the Bluetooth items re-paired it shut everything off and back on and won’t connect to the app.

Try reinstalling the app. It should be working and I do not remember hear hearing of any issue with that product n that flare

Reinstalled it numerous times. It won’t connect to the app on my phone or my tablet. Very weird.

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What device is it not connecting too?

I have the app on my tablet and my phone. The flare+ plays great on both. The app will not connect to the flare+ on either device.