Soundcore app Custom EQ

So i just started to use the Liberty 2 pro’s and I have tried the HearID but still I would like to make my own EQ is there a setting in the app but I have gone through it multiple times but didn’t find anything so if any of you would like to share an answer with me I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

I too would love a customized EQ. Not just a pre-built EQ. Hopefully they will push out an update with this

Old story.
You should use other eq.
There is no need to use that app.

@Chiquinho Sometimes a one-stop shop is way better than multiple. I’ve looked for an EQ/booster app but these all want around $5 - $10 dollars a month and include some kind of music service. All I want is a configurable EQ, like the one on my Spotify account. Don’t need additional music services. I do use the EQ on my spotify account but wish it applied to everything I listen to, regardless of app.

I got you.
I use the speaker mostly with two players.
banshee and jetAudio both have perfect eq included.

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