Soundcore app feature request: export/import custom EQ profiles / more fine-grained dB gain increments

Wouldn’t it be awesome sauce if we could actually export our custom EQ settings for others to import? Instead of having to eyeball it, this would just make things super convenient.

Alternatively, or additionally, perhaps more fined-grained gain control (such as 0.1 dB increments).

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If you use a 10 freq eq there are only 10 adjustments levels needed to submit.
That’s easy.
Oh , I forgot the preamp.

Thanks, I meant within the Soundcore app itself. AFAIK iOS/iPhone doesn’t have a Global EQ, so one has to rely on the Soundcore app for EQ. More refinement in that regard would be great :slight_smile:

You’re best bet would be to E-Mail them your suggestion:


Thanks, email sent! Wasn’t sure if the official Anker/Soundcore folks read this forum or not :slight_smile:

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I’d appreciate these features as well.

App needs more EQ frequency lines. At least 10 to be useful. Hope they implemented