Soundcore-app iOS: Change of widget indications into white fonts

Could you please change the font of the iOS widget to white in one of the next updates of the Soundcore-app. The settings are almost not recognizable. Thank you very much.

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You should contact and provide that suggestion to them.

I would at least try to change your background to a lighter color, I think that dark background may be causing some problems. I am thinking the widget is partially transparent and that may help some

Is that an issue with dark mode or non-dark mode as well? I should be getting an app compatible device soon so will find out in a couple days hopefully. You should email as well since they can convey to correct team faster than mods here

Anybody willing to advise on this widget, and how to go about getting and using?
Asking for a friend…:roll_eyes:

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Oooo that is rough I do hope that they do fix that soon

Thank you so much for listening, Soundcore!:grinning:

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Hey how do you get widget on iOS? I’m not seeing it anywhere