Soundcore app not working on Chromebook

I love my new Liberty Air 2 pro earbuds but I cannot get the Soundcore app to connect to them on my Chromebook. It works great on my Android phone, but on the Chromebook the app just sits there saying “Searching.” The bluetooth connection works fine on the Chromebook, so I can use the earbuds, but I’d really like to use the Soundcore app. Any tips on what to try?

About a 100 percent that the app would not work with a Chrome book

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Ugh. Not what I was hoping to hear.

Android on ChromeOS is an emulation - technically it is a container sharing the same kernel with ChromeOS which is a flavour of Linux

For the app to connect on Android it must use the data profile which is not presented from ChromeOS Linux kernel. So right now it is technically impossible to get the Soundcore app to work. ChromeOS Linux kernel is presenting just a media profile so at least sound should play.

You might want to check if the microphone works as that is the headset profile, which also may not be presenting by the ChromeOS Linux kernel.

Technically this is possible to fix by Google, the Linux kernel would need to have the kernel modified to add data profile then the container running Android could then see the data profile. If enough people badger Google for that then you’d get it what you want.

The settings are usually stored on the buds themselves so you should be able to connect to Android, alter buds settings in app then disconnect Android and connect on ChromeOS then work. So e.g. EQ settings should persist on the ChromeOS.

I could probably do this myself if I was bothered, I have been working with Linux since 1993.

Personally I use old Thinkpad running Linux (Ubuntu) as that’s cheapest way to get a full OS, you run Chrome in Linux and so it’s better than a Chromebook. But I mostly use Android for portability as my Thinkpad is pretty old and doesn’t like moving around too often.


Thanks so much for this explanation. One thing I’m blown away by is how great my music sounds with the earbuds after running the hearing test. I was literally in tears hearing my favorite music, as if for the first time. But that was playing the music from my phone. I thought the custom EQ depended on the Soundcore app running, so haven’t been listening to music on my Chromebook. But if you’re right about the setting being stored on the earbuds, then I’ve really got no problem. I have tried using them for Zoom calls and the microphone works just fine on my Chromebook. Thank you!

The app will not work.
But the speaker/earbuds work without that app perfectly.
( eg. LINUX)

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I made a double posting sorry!


I can not move my old LENOVO thinkpad (ca 2010) anymore
The screen frame is rotten and broken and I have to use tapes and even a clamp. :smiley:


If you think how Android works, it is premised on low power consumption and apps are absolutely meant to not run all the time.

Therefore the app should only run while on your screen to send control messages to the buds and then the buds will be sticky to those settings, at least until next buds reboot or reset.

I’d be highly surprised if disconnect from phone then connect on Chromebook does anything to the settings. Give it a try.

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