Soundcore App on New LG G8 Phone

My soundcore app does not recognize my paired and connected liberty 2 pro earbuds. When starting app, it comes up as if bluetooth not connected to buds. My devices says No Devices Yet. Earbuds operate just fine on my phone’s bluetooth. Anyone else have this problem?

It is what I call app pairing.

You pair it to your bluetooth first(which you have).

The second part is to go to the app. You do not go to my devices area yet, you will hit the speaker or head phone and find the device you want "paired’ with the app.

Say you hit the liberty air 2, it will show a picture of the air 2. It will also have a button that says connect. You hit the button and it “pairs” the device to the app by searching connected bluetooth devices.

It will find it and now you have access to the item on the app.

You can now go to my devices and the device will be seen there when you are using said devices

Thank you so much. That worked perfectly!