Soundcore App & PowerConf not connecting to Samsung Galaxy S20

I try to connect my brand new PowerConf to my Android phone.

Android Bluetooth connection says “connection needs to be done through an app”
Soundcore App says “Please connect to Bluetooth first”

How to resolve this dead-lock?

Thanks for suggestions,

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Hope you get an answer here.
Otherwise you could try the ANKER forum or the support.

Click the link below. Hope it will help.

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We’ve see then before. Try this:

  • delete the pairing
  • turn off bluetooth
  • uninstall the app.
  • reboot to recovery
  • wipe cache (don’t wipe data)
  • boot.
  • bluetooth on
  • pair. Should now be connected bluetooth.
  • install app and connect, should now work. The Powerconf is in the Soundcore app but successor products I think need the Ankerwork app - don’t think this applies in your case the Soundcore app is probably the correct one for you.

Also going forward if you precisely quoted the message exactly as shown then a search would faster find the answer. It’s not that exact string, but I remember seeing a message like that. If the message comes again then let us know exactly vebatim what it says - helps searches when placed in quotes to get the same issue before.

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Thank you for the details kevinduck163 . This approach worked for me.


Good to know. I do wonder which part was the missing trick. We do wonder if it’s simply fluke of you did a reset one more time or if the cache wipe is the missing step.