Soundcore app problems

I updated the soundcore app on my phone, and since doing so when I try to play both speakers I can only do so in boost mode. Stereo mode is no longer working, when I try to use stereo only the right channel works. Is anyone else having this problem?

Have you tried a fresh pairing of the speakers since the update and/or do you have the same behaviour when paired outside of the app?

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I have tried a fresh pairing, I changed the master speaker, I deleted then reinstalled the app and nothing has worked. I did forget to mention that when I put them in boost mode the right channel is all I hear still. I can’t get left channel at all. And yes I am having the problem even when I had uninstalled the app.

See this post by @Tank to reset both of the Flares, then try everything again.

Read through the entire topic since there are some other things in it to try as well.


I tried that and it didn’t fix the problem either.

The last post in that topic suggests re-flashing the firmware (for each speaker), even if they’ve already been flashed to the most recent version. I’ll assume that the firmware update tool will allow you to re-flash the same firmware version to the speaker(s). This should truly reset the speaker(s) to default and clear any glitches from them. Give that a try if you haven’t yet.

Soundcore Firmware updates

A thought…do they both play and act normally when paired/used on their own, not using the Soundcore app?

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One will play normally, the one I use as the master is not. I believe I know what is wrong, I am testing my theory now.

Let us know if your theory pans out…as well as your final solution.

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I actually just finished and my flare is working perfectly. Before I say what did I would like to say that this speaker was a prize I won and therefore had no warranty which means I couldn’t use soundcore support. My options were fix it or its garbage. I took the speaker apart and disconnected both audio as well as battery cables from the circuit board and when I reconnected them it was working again. I just finished putting it back together and the glue is drying now.

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So even a firmware re-flash didn’t fix it? So much for that…

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I’m not sure what caused the problem exactly, but it is working now so I’m fine with it.

Good work on the troubleshooting and the final solution. Many devices now are simply not fully “off” even though they appear to be or say that they are. I had a similar issue with a Garmin GPS navigator that faulted somehow and no amount of fiddling nor resets had any effect on getting it back up and running. The only thing that worked was me opening it up and disconnecting the battery for a minute or so. After that, it was back to normal.

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I have had a few items that this type of solution has been the answer to. I still don’t understand at all, I don’t understand how disconnecting the battery would have solved it since it was a problem with how the audio was being reproduced, not a power issue. I don’t see how disconnecting the audio cables would have helped since if it was a faulty connection it would have been spitting and sputtering, not just playing one channel.

By disconnecting everything you’ve essentially completed a hard reset of the board…

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I am aware of that, but what could possibly have been wrong that would have caused only the right channel to play?

That was a true “hard reset”! Congrats!:grinning:

Ultima ratio!

The reason of that issue?
Noboday knows, this is computer technic! :rofl::rofl:

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I know that I don’t understand what was wrong with it, I’m just happy my speaker is working again.

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Don’t mind!
Meanwhile hard- and software are “blackboxes” full of secrets
Even experts know what happens and why!

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I really couldn’t care less what went wrong, my goal was to get it working and now it is.

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Perhaps a loop on one of the chips that only a discharge could clear, hard to say but at least your working now :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps @Loz could ask one of the engineers to offer a suggestion, I think were all getting curious now about it :grin: