Soundcore App profile log in vs web log in and is there a benefit to logging into it

As I was checking out some stuff with my Liberty 2 Pros, I come across a topic or two about the app and getting Soundcore Promotional pop ups. I thought I would check that out and then see if I could get one of the pop up that a member was wanting and then send it to him if possible.

So I checking around and found a compass looking icon that takes you to Soundcore website from the app, I thought this was pretty cool. I also saw the Apps profile and it wanting you to log in. This was where I had an issue. Soundcore website give the option to sign in directly and via other media (Facebook and Google). This is an issue that the app does not allow the Facebook or Google log in. Since I have an account based upon me signing up with Facebook, it would not let me log in if I try to set up an account with my email address that was also associated to Facebook. So I had to take my second account that I use and sign up to log into the account. This basically resulted in me creating a new account on the Soundcore community.

This bring me back to a previous statement that people that created their user accounts with Facebook /Google need to be able to log into (Anker/Soundcore) if and when those services ever go down. If there is a way to associate a non Facebook password to the email that is used when logging into the site with Facebook, I would appreciate knowing how.

This bring me to the last thought on the benefits to logging into the app. My only thought is that by logging into two different devices that it will keep your profile information between the devices.

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We touched on part of the topic here.

I would prefer Apple Login coming into login options for soundcore collective (and Anker community),

Web login is better, so that I don’t need to install one more app… OR… Better build the Soundcore Collective directly into Soundcore App

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That was why I mentioned other topic earlier. If I could do it again, I would not use the FB option.

I know coke reward basically has a log in but allows you to connect through different social media log in associated to your account.

Apple log in would be good too.

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I have been using the Google login… And bit worried to logout… Not sure if I will be able to login back :laughing:

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Lol. I know your fear. I have used my work pc before and for about a week during the big contest it did not want to log me in but that did resolved itself but I still can not log into Anker from that pc as the FB pop up does not want to refresh on that browser (maybe due to browser version). If a potential browser update or external log in issues, I may be reduced to just my mobile device or having to log in with my Soundcore app email account that I had to register.

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I don’t like web login. Too much overlap between my accounts anyway. So I use a password manager to track my passwords, rather than giving sites more information about me from my profiles online.

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That is a good point…logging in with Google does give some additional info to sites than needed… . :upside_down_face:


Too many login ids and passwords, Little bit scary some times.

With Samsung you can just use your fingerprint to login on the 2nd go.

No need to remember the password as Samsung does it for you!

Especially now that some places are wanting a non typical character… @#*& etc. I had a hard enough job remembering the normal pword, now with that as well, I’m buggered, and forever doing… Forgot password, but first chance, I tell Samsung to remember it, then I don’t have to… 2 clicks ( say use Samsung, and one for fingerprint) and you don’t even need to press enter!

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iOS also has the password manager plus the 3rd party apps like 1password to fill the passwords and convenient.

I use the 1password app which takes fingerprint login

I do this same thing.

I’m a member of several different communities. If it was not for Google keeping up with all I would be completely lost…

So far I have not had a issue using my Google password saver logging in here.

I need a third party that doesn’t make any of my hardware and is cross platform. I don’t trust samsung especially, and what happens when my phone dies, or I am on my computer. Lastpass has the covered - or 1password, or keepass.

I know all my passwords, so if I had to access outside, BUT which of the 6 or so different passwords is it! lol

I have no.priblem with Samsung pass, and using my thumb to login to places… I actually prefer it.

Samsung is no less or more vulnerable than any other password manager. Software in of itself is vulnerable, and I don’t care what they say.or who.makrs it.

At work, I have over 10 passwords or more to remember. I probably should use a password manager away from work but do not. strong text

Millions use "12345 or “qwertz” (qwerty)
Why so complicated! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I leave all the complexity creation to Password manager 1Password… Below is the recipe for password…

With long passwords, you will not be able to remember it… So makes you depend more on mobile device every time you have to login

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Did it ever happen your pwd was stolen?
I am in that game for 40 years now.
Never happened.
But may be the reason is I am not in “ALL” that nowadays “games” :wink:

Password was never directly stolen from me but there have been site data breaches and password stolen from there :joy:

Ever since, have been using unique long passwords and using password manager

How confident you are with the password manager?

100% pretty good… At least unique passwords…

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