Soundcore app update (iOS)

Bumped up to version 2.9.8

*Bug fixes and user experience optimisation.


It would be nice to see what device bug fixes were but that could be a big list as well.


Bug fixed?
What bug?

That is the usual senseless information.
Does say nothing and is not helpful at all.

I am fixing bugs here daily in the hoasue.
But one can ask me what I fixed and what I was not able to fix… :rofl:

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Totally agree. It would be more useful to say what bug fixes had been made, so that the user could check that the bug(s) indeed no longer exist!

So many software developers use this one-liner, which is pretty darned useless information.

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A serious programmer has to say what he fixed and is recording that very properly.
We called that “documentation” at the university! :smile:

Any new devices?

I’m still on 2.9.7 on Android. I just checked and noting new yet for me.

Haven’t noticed any new devices yet, sorry.

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