Soundcore App updated with LÛM player

The Soundcore App has been updated with the integrated LÜM streaming service on iOS.

Will have to explore later

Test music played through Sounds great though!

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Thanks for sharing this I’ll update the app later

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No update here :frowning:

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Version 2.6.0

I noticed its Pegi 12 as now the app can point to inappropriate content.

The minute it spams me with telling to tell me to subscribe, I’m uninstalling or putting it in a container. I’ll decide if I want to look at something thanks.

(just in case, shot across bows)

Bundled media with a platform gets companies into trouble in places like EU. A separate player is often required.

I had to search for the app then it showed that it had an update.

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Awesome help, I too couldn’t find the update on auto download… followed your advice and presto… going to be fun now!

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I appreciate the update on this and will have to check it out after work that is.

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I went to check it out on the android version and it is not updated yet. Hope it is not too long.

Yes it is. Give it a kick.

Thank…I checked earlier and it was not there. I have checked again and still not there. I checked updates on a few so far.

In that case they are doing a phased rollout to allow for early users to find issues.

One of my Android users see it, another doesn’t



I added multiple google accounts to my phone in different geo regions so I get the latest version available anywhere. Either its random rollout or Europe before US?

Music content bundled within apps is highly contentious in some countries .

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Nice of you to share it. Btw you should put it under News instead of Support.

Also, something you might’ve missed that you can add to your topic and title:

There is a teaser for new speaker called Soundcore Select 2. All these names are getting super confusing for sure now. Anyway here’s how you get to that “teaser”: Speakers -> More -> Soundcore Select 2 (at the very top)

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I guess I’ll have to check for updates now to see what it’s like

I will say I am enjoying the LUM in the soundcore app. A lot of good groups on there. It is a wonder a lot of them are not main stream.

Checked out the app today, and really enjoyed the playlists I listened to…

EDM, 2am and there was another.

I also explored the galley, and was surprised to see a lot of the photos submitted on here prior to version 2.0

I will say however, the GUI was a bit off kilter, not fitting to screen on my iPhone.

Oh well didn’t hamper the enjoyment of the music.

Nice update!

Saw the new update today and am not a fan tbh not because of the lum integration but just layout changes

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more features will often mean a redesign of things - I dare say if using Android you could use an earlier version of the app via an APK Mirror site

iOS users don’t have that option to go backwards on App versions

Those of you who use other Music Streaming Services - How does it compare, both in usability & sound quality?

Is lum higher resolution music streaming? or would you say it’s on par with others?

Would be interesting to see if the app/streaming service will become a rival to other better known services