Soundcore App Volume Control

Please Soundcore, can you update the android firmware for Liberty Air 2 pro to…

  1. Don’t MUTE sound for a fraction of time when increasing and decreasing the volume.

  2. Please remove the BEEP sound as well when increasing or decreasing volume.

We are happy for the volume to just increase and decrease when required, the Beep and Muting are very distracting, unnecessary and a bit irritating.

Many thanks

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Maybe better served if you contact

Not bad suggestions, but you can also adjust the volume from your phone, and I think that gets around your issues.

I’m pretty sure my Q30’s only beep when you get to max volume while increasing the volume.
Edit I just checked and the Q30’s don’t mute the volume or beep until you reach max volume.

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Pretty good ideas for sure! Hopefully Soundcore takes them into consideration

NO it doesn’t.