SoundCore Apple Watch app suggestion

I searched for this but couldn’t find any other posts about it. I have a suggestion to add app features for the Apple Watch. It would be really nice to be able to use my watch to change ANC modes on my Liberty 3 Pro’s while on a call when I can’t use the touch controls to do so. It would also be nice using my watch to facilitate switching between devices and such. Not having to pull my phone out to utilize features like this would greatly enhance the user experience for me and I think for others in similar positions.


Although I do not have an apple watch, I like it.

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Neat idea! I have an Apple Watch, but never thought about being able to control my headphones with it. Love this!

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Send your suggestion to Soundcore by email


I agree with @VertigoXX. You best best would be to send your suggestion to Soundcore directly.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not super active in these forums, and I thought there might be more presence by Soundcore here. I just emailed this suggestion to them. Hopefully it finds the right people and this functionality can be added in the future.


I do use a smart watch often myself. Fully understand the ask.

The issue is battery drain of the process on the watch small battery.

I’m often walking with one bud in listening to some voice and pause on my watch, in my case it’s Android phone, Firefox app, Wear OS but I can understand your ask.

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I think I get what you’re saying, but I’m a bit confused regarding the battery drain concern. The earbuds would still be paired to my phone. The Watch app would only be active when open and interfacing with the iOS or WearOS app. Basically, the functionality I’m looking for is a watch app to interface when needed with the phone app to control certain functions like ANC modes and selecting which devices are active for the multi device connections. It would work in tandem with the phone app, not replace it.

There are plenty of watch apps both for Android and Apple that function in a similar manner, where the watch app acts as an extension of the phone app.

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I know exactly what you mean, but as the Bluetooth pairing for control is held by the phone, the watch app has to interact with the phone for control. That forces the phone app to be kept in memory for the phone and to the watch.

Not saying bad idea just the battery effect on watch and phone.

Having said that the newer features in BT 5.2 would allow exactly what you ask so good luck.

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Apps are kept running in memory on phones and watches all the time. That’s how you can quickly switch from one running app to another without always reloading the apps. Recently used apps are kept in memory in case they are needed again. When running in the background, the apps in most cases generally speaking do not use many resources and if programmed correctly are not a significant battery drain. The watch app doesn’t need an always on connection with the phone either. Just when the app is running in the foreground. It should be easy enough for the developers to have the app disconnect from the phone app when the watch app is not in the foreground and reconnect when it’s actively being used.

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I’m not saying it’s impossible, just challenging.

The phone app is connectionless, it doesn’t run in background continually, it periodically runs infrequently. It is only used ad-hoc to make a data connection with phone to send and receive settings and control signals.

So currently you manually go to the phone app, that wakes it up, it begins then to consume more battery. You interact with phone app, it makes a data connection to Soundcore product to read and modify a setting, the setting is stored on the audio products, when you stop using app it reduces battery life. So the app is a passive connectionless type app.

So for a watch to work to control would require the watch to pair with the Soundcore product and bypass the phone. Or the phone app has to be kept running to listen to watch app and so drain phone as well.

So it can be done but would involve the media connection on phone and a watch app for control. The Soundcore product would have to support concurrent Bluetooth pairing connection with media connection to phone and control connection on watch, so the control does not go via phone.

Running two connections on the buds will increase buds drain a little.

If Soundcore did this as I described they’d gain some market share advantage. The challenge would still be watch battery drain as watches have tiny batteries and rely on minimal phone foreground processes. If they did exactly what you asked the reviews would be negative on phone battery drain, if they did as I suggest the phone battery drain would not occur but still the watch battery drain challenges.

So nice idea but critical is the design and implementation, its easily done badly, challenging to do well.

I doubt Soundcore would do it due to effort Vs reward. Via currently supporting only iOS and Android, so only two platforms they reach almost everyone already. Anker has not supported other OS for years, Eufy Windows security requests never happened for example.