Soundcore apps new update (new equipment) SOUNDCORE 3 & SOUNDCORE MINI 3?

Soundcore apps new update V2.2.0 (new equipment) SOUNDCORE 3 & SOUNDCORE MINI 3 ???
When will be released ???


Thanks for sharing. You can learn about Mini 3 in more detail HERE.

Still not much info about Soundcore 3, but as soon as there is, I’ll update this topic.

Rave partycast got added too :astonished:
upgraded boost as well!?!
these are exciting times for me,
not so much for my bank account :rofl:

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Just you wait…


Nice can’t wait

thanks for info

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Ohh… will be awaiting with nervous anticipation for the deets for v3… I think I recall seeing something for the mini not that long ago…


I’m excited for all the new stuff soundcore seems to have coming for us