Soundcore Apps on Huawei device

Hi, I am planning to get a new Huawei smartphone, which doesn’t have google play. As soundcore apps is unavailable in huawei apps store, how do i install it to the device? Thanks

Because soundcore is a chinese company, they could offer an app for Huawei.
That is a simple task for the software engineers. (I am sure Huawei is LINUX-based)
But there could other problems show up for soundcore when offering something for Huawei…

But may be there are some tricks to get Android apps working on Huawei-phones.

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You can get it right here. Packages are verified and safe. If you install APKMirror Installer, you can get updates too.


Thanks a lot, Sir… Yeah, I wonder why Soundcore App is not in Huawei Apps Gallery yet, since both company are from same country…

Thanks a lot, Sir… really appreciate for the link given. Will look into it.

Current Huawei phones uses Android without G Package. G Package includes Play Store, Play Services and many more Google services. Without them, it’s still works Android. Huawei’s HarmonyOS announced but not usable right now.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

And what is Android based on (kernel)?
(But that’s a kind of philosophy and Google doesnt want to hear this!) :laughing:

It’s just Android. Android doesn’t have to include Google services.

And who is developing Android? :rofl:

Android is an open source operating system. It means everyone can develop Android, not only Google Engineers.

Exaclty! :joy:

What’s the funny part, i really don’t understand.

Me too! :wink:

I’ll ask here before opening a new topic to see if …
So my cousin has a fairly old phone (2015 - Huawei P8lite) with Android 5.0.1. In principle the Soundcore app needs min Android 5, so in this case it should work, but it doesn’t. He clicks on the icon, it loads a bit, then throws him back to the home screen. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any ideas?

Try to go into Android settings, apps, permissions and grant the soundcore app all the permissions

Sorry for not replying before …
Well, my cousin got another phone (company phone), and it didn’t have the same problem. So unfortunately - with a good chance - we will never know if the permissions were missing.