Soundcore Apps on Huawei device

Hi, I am planning to get a new Huawei smartphone, which doesn’t have google play. As soundcore apps is unavailable in huawei apps store, how do i install it to the device? Thanks

Because soundcore is a chinese company, they could offer an app for Huawei.
That is a simple task for the software engineers. (I am sure Huawei is LINUX-based)
But there could other problems show up for soundcore when offering something for Huawei…

But may be there are some tricks to get Android apps working on Huawei-phones.

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You can get it right here. Packages are verified and safe. If you install APKMirror Installer, you can get updates too.


Thanks a lot, Sir… Yeah, I wonder why Soundcore App is not in Huawei Apps Gallery yet, since both company are from same country…

Thanks a lot, Sir… really appreciate for the link given. Will look into it.

Current Huawei phones uses Android without G Package. G Package includes Play Store, Play Services and many more Google services. Without them, it’s still works Android. Huawei’s HarmonyOS announced but not usable right now.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

And what is Android based on (kernel)?
(But that’s a kind of philosophy and Google doesnt want to hear this!) :laughing:

It’s just Android. Android doesn’t have to include Google services.

And who is developing Android? :rofl:

Android is an open source operating system. It means everyone can develop Android, not only Google Engineers.

Exaclty! :joy:

What’s the funny part, i really don’t understand.

Me too! :wink: