Soundcore Beatlights (18 dollar coupon off of the 52 dollar lights) --US

Although I do not currently needs, I like the price cut on these.


Nice deal, thanks for sharing. Like you I don’t really need those either, but it’s always nice to see deals!

Not sure what is going on with that link but oh well.

We did have like 3 set of something similar in the house already and the ones in the kids room are not really used as much.

I had thought I could use those at work but they keep my dang office like bright and would not be really effective here lol

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Here you go:

Nice deal. Thanks for sharing

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Appreciate it. I had copied the link and got that link that I had. So I decided to just delete the rest of it after the hyperlink and it seemed to work correctly now.

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Good deal. Handy for parties. But not really something that I would go for.

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Well we are older (At least I think we both are) and this may not suit us.

I gave a Flare 2 to my oldest in college ( youngest can not stand them) if I knew he uses it a lot, I may have invested in this but with a lot of work, I know he did not end up using it much.

With that said, I rhink I am coming up with a decent idea, in my mind. :thinking: How about a waterproof version that can be hung by a pool? It would need a connected power supply that was waterproof as well.

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