Soundcore boost review

Do you want the best sounding portable speaker under £60 (GBP) and small enough to fit in a fanny pack (bum bag), but loud n clear enough to listen around the pool with a group of friends?

Do you want beautiful HI-FI SOUND, and warm bass, that doesn’t distort and is not just a glorified fart?

Then you need to get a boost!

This speaker, shrugs off the rain, last for hours, and will charge your phone at the same time! It’ll connect with NFC and instantly, yes INSTANTLY play your fave playlist with your fave EQ settings. Yes it really can do that.

As a former sound technician with several years experience, I promise you, this speaker sounds fantastic… Play hardcore dance music :heavy_check_mark:, play classic rock :heavy_check_mark:, classic music your thing :heavy_check_mark:, want some western with your country :heavy_check_mark:

What ya waiting for… Go buy!


I recently saw this at Walmart and was impressed with the clarity of the sound. Excellent review & pictures

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Thanks :grin:

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