Soundcore Boost (Upgrade) music quality issues

Just purchased a Boost Upgrade version from Amazon UK but at low volumes the sound seems to be ‘wavy’ i.e the tone & volume changes very slightly. Has anyone noticed this? Should I return the speaker for another or is this common for all these speakers & the replacement will suffer with the same problem? (I have tried other bluetooth sources but same result) Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Its the same with all kind of recordings when playing?
I had this boost, gave it away and I don’t remember I noticed that.
But it was not the upgraded version.

I have only played pop music so far, some songs seem worse than others.

I do not have but do you have a specific EQ on it right now.

I would do a flat one and see if you are still getting that distortion.

I would also reset the device.

Does the boost have the ability to get updates? If it does, I would update it and retest and then do the reset. is the email to contact if there is a call. I would do it on a Monday as they do not do calls on the weekend.

If the boost is listed in the app you could play around with the eq.
Otherwise meanwhile all mp3 players have such an eq you can adjust and test,
Take care that the preamp is not adjusted too high.

I have updated to the latest firmware & performed a factory reset. If i set the EQ to flat the issue is not so noticeable but I guess this is do to the lack of bass. After search on the net, it looks as if I am not the only one with the issue. I think I may return for another to see if that cures it but I don’t think it will. Shame as I love the speaker.

Don’t have the speaker so can’t say if it’s common issue. As the others wrote EQ could fix the issue.