SoundCore Cares Artist #1: Halestorm

As you know by now, the SoundCore Cares concert is just a couple of weeks away. We’re partnering with MusiCares® to ensure proceeds go to music people who need it, but we’ve also got some amazing talent to help us out.

You remember Halestorm, don’t you? The rock band out of Pennsylvania will be gracing out stage at SoundCore Cares, so make sure you grab your ticket if you don’t want to miss out on live renditions of some of their greatest hits; or perhaps even some music from their newest EP Reimagined.

What you might not know is that they are no stranger to charitable work. In 2018, Lzzy Hale used her #RaiseYourHorns awareness campaign to bring attention to those who have dealt with mental illness, and the emergence of the pandemic of 2020 has given her a chance to re-imagine how to use her platform for this important cause. MusiCares helps music people who need it access mental health services as well, which makes this overall partnership just that much more perfect!

“We are so proud to be teaming up with the beautiful people at Soundcore and MusiCares® for this event! We will bear witness once again that music heals and music saves! We are all in this together!” -Lzzy Hale

What will we hear from Halestorm this time? Who knows! But you’ll have to be there to find out. Don’t forget that this is also your chance to grab a pair of MusiCares Special Edition Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds. Not only do purchases help out MusiCares directly, this is also the one and only time they’ll be available in rockin’ red.

Halestorm as a band is known for frequently touring all around the world. Have you seen them before, or have they come through your town in semi-recent memory? This time, fans will get to see them live, no matter where they are in the world, directly from the Soundcore stage.

Join us then!


They are pretty nice. I have to say again that the guy on the far left reminds me of my brother at one point in his life.

I listened to the music video on the musicares announcement, and I’m impressed!