Soundcore case not taking a charge

Hello my soundcore liberty 3 pro case stopped taking or giving a charge what do I do?

Different product but same advice:

Change the charger, change the cable and clean the contacts.
And pray! :rofl:


@gwstarkey.gws how are you? It has been a while since you have been around.

As stated by the others with different things to do, I would also check the ports for lint or obstructions but what it may come down to is the case may have developed issues.

When I got the Liberty 2 Pro and after a littel bit, it developed a funky issue where the case only 1/2 way. So as you know the good part is you should be under warranty and if you do not have the warranty (ie it was a gift and no reciept,) you should be able to contact They have recently been stating about being able to get case for like 30 percent of retail price.