Soundcore cases?

So I have a question why hasn’t Soundcore started selling cases for their products like their earbuds for example a little pouch with a clip would be nice even if it was sold separately on the site. I’d say this could benefit the company with more purchases quite a bit. People want to keep their earbuds from getting lost, So they may be willing to buy another product from here.

Some of the earbuds line do come with a case already, such as the Spirit X for example. Guess they could do something for the Liberty series but then it would be a case, to protect, a case…

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Yes indeed!

The case protects a case which protects a case …



Thanks for your valuable response. Can I have the link to this for purchase please.

It is a cool idea, but I would be unlikely to spend the money on a dedicated headphone case, so I see why they haven’t done it. Maybe for the speakers…

I used this when I had the liberty air 1’s that had a clip on it. I liked it and kept the white case cleaner.

Then I just found this case that is a little bigger then I would like but could make a nice travel case I guess.

The liberty 2 pros would be harder just by the way they open. I would like maybe a mesh bag to carry everything in instead of a hard case that I would use more for speakers.