Soundcore Collective - Community Color and Style (Same Layout)

Anker and Soundcore communities have more of same color and look, and feel there should be some kind of color differentiation … there will be lot of members going between these two and needs some differentiation

  • Keep the Soundcore Community same Color and layout as Anker Community
  • Make the SoundcoreCommunity layout different than Anker Community

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Do vote on the poll!

If it’s the same layout, it’s easier to use, and therefore better. This is the reason I voted to “stay the same”.

Although I absolutely wouldn’t mind some color or style changes. I just need the layout to be the same :joy:

Some color changes would be good, we could keep the layout the same… i am not able to make changes to the poll (past 5 min now)

Could delete it an make a new one since we’re the only ones that have voted.

Will keep it here, just saw one more vote… may be we stick to the color & style part :+1:

I would like it to stay pretty much the same for simplicity. Color scheme could be altered some (maybe instead of a black go with a dark gray that gives a little difference). If you could take the best of Anker community and not drift too far that might be ideal.

Yes, it’s more about the color scheme, couldn’t change the survey after I submitted it.

Black or dark gray are good suggestion for a change!

It already is dark grey if you turn on dark mode…

Thats a different thing than changing color… I do that really like the Dark mode, like the light theme for community

I don’t understand, what’s the difference?

I am kind of on the fence about this. I like the layout the way it is because it is very familiar. However, if it looked a little different with more color, then I think it will help me differentiate both communities when I am participating.

Keep the same layout, but have some minor color/font/icon changes. Something to differentiate, but comfortable enough for those involved in Anker to be able to get to posts and topics quickly without having to learn a new layout.

Dark mode is different from changing colors, not everyone likes the Dark mode.

let’s take Dark mode out of the question… and have only Light theme, so need a different color than the Blue while on Light Theme

Yeah, I got that much. I agree that some other colors and styles would be nice…

But dark mode is basically “grey mode”. Just saying.

Same layout - different colours to spice things up

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Don’t know if it has anything to do with this thread, but i noticed a little more color in this area today…

Same Layout, different colors.

just saw these, I think Soundcore added the colors along with the new Deals and Steals Change.

Yeah, that’s what it looks like.

Maybe you should come up with concepts (ideas) of how color can be added, and edit some screenshots with the color added in. Just to give soundcore some ideas :+1:

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That’s a great idea, will come come up with some other today.

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