Soundcore Collective - Community Color and Style (Same Layout)

A different color would be good to avoid confusion between 2 forums…

I think everyone is on the same page. Same layout, a few tweaks on color or text.

I voted for making them different, but it can be similar with just some small tweaks and color changes!

Seeing small tweaks on Soundcore Collective community, with slight color changes, hopefully Soundcore Staff hear us

@Loz your thoughts?

A little color might be nice!

Another premier league crest showing up on the page… just a pity it’s @chelsea :tongue: suppose it’s better than Liverpool (@Oggyboy :joy:)


Nothing is better than Liverpool @k_pug2003 :joy::joy::joy:

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I love this color scheme :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Hope Soundcore does too and make the changes!

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It’s my name so I never really had a choice in the matter :grin:

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Lol true but you could change the team you support :tongue:

Just joking

I would actually like there to be different colors so I know where I am. I almost uploaded an Anker products review here this week. :laughing:

You could always leave one in light mode and the other in dark mode.


This is why I have dark mode enabled on Anker and I left light mode enabled for Soundcore. This way I know which site I am on

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I tend to have trouble with Dark mode but I am figuring I need to do it on a different browser.

I like the dark mode on iPhone but not on either of these communities… it’s so dark that tend to miss updates… I like the light theme better

Strange. I wish the anker/soundcore dark mode was darker. To each there own.

I hope that they are able to make it togglable with the ios dark mode.

Apple is releasing an integration to developers, so dark mode will work in many more apps, and be togglable with the dark mode widget.

I think currently Soundcore and Anker home pages both have the same color here as their text on their names on their websites. Anker has a black header and Soundcore has a dark blue header. I think it should be similar to their packaging of their products for those brands. I would just show a continuity from packaging to community.

But anker packaging is themed with the same colors as soundcore…

That was what I was trying to get too. That the colors should match their color themes for their site/packaging. I think the current soundcore color theme is good in that it has the same blue color as their packaging or text color. I know their devices are mostly black in color (so a black color could potentially work as well). I think if you made this site colored as yellow then it would not work as it would be off from their current colors. If Soundcore decides to use a pink color for their theme then the community should change to accommodate that color change. Just saying